How to Get that Perfect CV and Cover Letter Layout

How to Get that Perfect CV and Cover Letter Layout

The layout of a CV and cover letter has a lot to do in success of your interview. A properly formatted paper will not only give it a neat look but give more clarity and put a good impression of yours over the interviewer. However there are certain rules, if followed then it would give the best layout to your CV and cover letter.

Tips to have that perfect layout for your CV

  1. Try to keep it a maximum of 3 pages if possible
  2. Always use the standard fonts and maintain a consistency throughout, such as in font sizes, use of bolds and underlining to name a few.
  3. Do not include your photo (unless it has asked to affix one)
  4. No need to implement borders, fancy layouts, colored backgrounds, boxes and so on. Recruiters focus over the words that are written more than anything else.
  5. Always keep your plus points right on the first page
  6. If you are experienced, include a summary of your past work experiences and if you are a fresher start with summarizing your educational qualifications and achievement that are relevant to the position applied.
  7. Make sure that the CV footer says ‘CV of ………’ and also contains the number of the pages.

Tips to have that perfect layout for your cover letter

  1. Never neglect the cover letter. Always remember that the cover letter is equally important as your CV is to the interviewer.
  2. Let your personal and uniqueness get reflected in the cover letter.
  3. Make sure that the cover letter includes all the relevant and required job qualifications that the job has asked for in the job advertisement.
  4. The cover letter should be such that at the end of the reading of the cover letter, the recruiter must get all that is relevant and nothing clutter.
  5. Inclusion of a powerful concluding paragraph inviting the recruiter to get in touch with you for further recruitment steps.

Indeed, making a perfect CV that can assure a job is not a task of any amateur. Only a professional CV maker can do this. To have CV and cover letter with a perfect layout you must hire an Online CV Maker.

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